TC Procedure - Army Public School, Jaipur

TC Procedure


Due to the crisis of COVID-19 in the country, there is a need to avoid/minimize the personal contact of parents/guardians with the school staff and vice versa to prevent community transfer of CORONA Virus and maintain the aspect of Social Distancing. Keeping in view of the above situation, the following procedure to apply for Transfer Certificate (TC) is given below for convenience of parents/guardians: –

(a) Parents/Guardians need to write an application addressing The Principal, Army Public School, Jaipur along with mentioning the following details :

Admission Number of the Student, Class with Section, Name of the Student, Father’s Name, Fees paid up to, Library Book: Returned /Not Returned/ Not Taken, Attendance, A/c No., IFSC Code. And send the same to school email id i.e.

            (b)  School will download the request application form and after verification of the details from school records, TC will be prepared. It will then get checked by the Class Teacher.

             (c)  After signature of the Principal, the parents/guardians will be informed through the Class Teacher of the respective student in class What’s App group for collection of the TC from the main gate of the school.

Points to be Noted:-

  1. Before applying for TC, parents/Guardians need to ensure that complete fees till the date of application of TC has been paid/deposited and Book(s) issued by the students to be deposited back to the school.
  2. Also enclose/attach/upload a cancelled cheque for refund of security amount deposited.
  3. No parent/guardian will approach school physically for the above said procedure.

Mrs Gayatri Kulshreshtha
Army Public School, Jaipur