EVENT CALENDAR 2020 - 21 - Army Public School, Jaipur


 02-03-20School reopens for class X & XII (7:45 am to 1:55 pm)
 03-03-20Workshop for PRTs By Mrs  Mrinalini Deshpande     ( Topic – Power of 3 Vs- Visual, Verbal and Vocal)
 05-03-20Workshop for  TGTs & PGTs By Mrs Mrinalini Deshpande    (Topic – Power of 3 Vs- Visual, Verbal and Vocal)
 06-03-20Answer-sheets will be shown to classes I-VIII
  O9 &10 Mar 20Holiday( Holi)
 01-05-20Summer timing (7:30 am to 1:40 pm)
 02-05-20First Saturday Off  for all
 07-05-20Holiday (Buddha Poornima )
 08-05-20Holiday (Guru Rabrindranath Birthday)
 09-05-20P&G workshop for mothers and daughters (classes VI &VII)
 12-05-20Workshop for Students of classes X & XII by Mrs Johal on Time & Stress Management
 16-05-20Inter house display board competition
 22-05-20Holiday (Jamat- ul- vida)
 25-05-20Holiday (Id-ul-Fitar)
 05-06-20Inter house display board competition
 06-06-20First Saturday Off  for all
 10-06-20Workshop for Students of classes X & XII by Maj Baljeet Kaur (Retd) from Resonance Image Consultancy (Topic –First Day First Impression)
 13-06-20Inter house poster making competition
 21-06-20International Yoga Day
 15 to 30 JuneSummer Break
 04-07-20First Saturday off  for  all
 13-07-20 to    18-07-20PT 1(For Classes III to X) UT 1 (For class XII)
 22-07-20Visit to War Memorial by class XII students Under EBSB
 24-07-20Inter House English Debate
 01-08-20First Saturday off  for all
 03-08-20Holiday (Raksha Bandhan)
 07-08-20Painting competition on Victory At Kargil Under EBSB
 12-08-20Holiday (Janmashtami)
 14-08-20Investature Ceremony
 15-08-20Special assembly on Independence Day
 21-08-20Visit To Kaagzi By NIE subscribers
 22-08-20Holiday (Ganesh Chaturthi)
 24-08-20 to    29-08-20UT 1 for Class XI
 31-08-20Inter House Group Singing Competition
 31-08-20 to    04-09-20 ACTIVITY WEEK (For classes VI – X)
 01-09-20Inter School English Debate Competition
 02-09-20Inter House Group Dance Competition
 03-09-20Inter House Hindi Poem Recitation Competition
 04-09-20Inter School Quiz Competition
 05-09-20First Saturday off  for all
 11-09-20Debate Competition on Unified India on EBSB
 12-09-20Counselling of class X for NTSE
 14-09-20Special assembly on Hindi Diwas
 16-09-20 to 25-09-20Evaluation 1( For Class I & II) Half Yearly (For Classes III – VIII) PT 2 ( For Classes IX & X) UT2 (For Classes XI & XII)
 19-09-20Counselling for Parents of Classes V & VIII ( Information on Military and Sainik school entrance exam)
 21-09-20 to 23-09-20CPM
 03-10-20First Saturday off  for all
 07-10-20Quiz Competition On Know Your India Under EBSB
 17-10-20Dusshera Celebration (For Umang and Asha School Students)
 19-10-20 to 24-10-20Autumn Break  
 26-10-20School Reopens after Autumn Break
 27-10-20 to 31-10-20Educational and Field Trip
 31-10-20Special assembly on National Unity Day
 06-11-20Cultural Fest under EBSB
 07-11-20First Saturday off  for all
 11-11-20Last day for syllabus completion for classes X & XII Annual Function
 12-11-20 to 16-10-20Diwali Break
 17-11-20School Reopens after Diwali Break
 20-11-20Career counsellimg for classes X & XII
 23-11-20 to    28-10-20SPORTS WEEK (For Classes I -V) Preboard 1 for classes X & XII
 30-11-20Holiday ( Guru Nanak Birthday)
 05-12-20First Saturday off  for all
 07-12-20Special assembly on Indian Armed Force Flag Day
 10-12-20Special assembly on Human Rights Day
 12-12-20PTM for Preboard 1
 16-12-20Special assembly on Vijay Diwas
 18-12-20 to    29-12-20Evaluation 2 ( For Class I & II) PT 2 (For Classes III – VIII) PT 3 ( For Classes IX ) , UT3 (For Classes XI ) Preboard 2 (For Classes X & XII)
 25-12-20Holiday ( Christmas)
 31-12-20 to    08-01-21Winter Break
 09-01-21School Reopens after Winter Break
 13-01-21PTM For All Classes
 14-01-21Holiday ( Makar Sankrati)
 15-01-21Special assembly on Army Day
 25-01-21Special assembly on National Voter day and National Tourism Day
 26-01-21Special assembly on Republic  Day
 30-01-21Special assembly on Martyr’s Day
 06-02-21First Saturday off  for all
 08-02-21 to    20-02-21Evaluation 3(For Class I & II) Annual Exams (For Classes III – VIII)  Annual Exams ( For Classes IX & XI)
 02-03-21PTM for all students
 04-03-21New Session begins
 06-03-21First Saturday off  for all
 11-03-21Holiday (Maha Shivratri)
 29-03-21Holiday (Holi)